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Motorbike Ha Giang In 6 Days

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Motorbike Ha Giang In 6 Days This Ha Giang In 6 Days is one of the shortest motorbike tours that take you to Ha Giang. It’s best for experienced riders. If you have time, allow a few more days and extend a bit further to the Northeast and ride the historical Highway 4 and Ban Gioc waterfalls.
This trip is designed to include two very nice home stays and the scenic Ha Giang in just 6 days. You will see the best places in North Vietnam.

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All about the Motorbike Ha Giang In 6 Days.

Motorbike Ha Giang In 6 Days

This Ha Giang In 6 Days is one of the shortest motorbike tours that take you to Ha Giang. It’s best for experienced riders. If you have time, allow a few more days and extend a bit further to the Northeast and ride the historical Highway 4 and Ban Gioc waterfalls.
This trip is designed to include two very nice home stays and the scenic Ha Giang in just 6 days. You will see the best places in North Vietnam.

Ha Giang – Motorbike Tours North Vietnam
Ha Giang province is located in northeastern Vietnam. It is in the far north of the country, and contains Vietnam’s northernmost region. It shares a 275 km long border with Yunnan province of southern of China, and this is known as Vietnam’s final frontier. The provincial capital, also called Ha Giang, is connected by Highway 2 and is 325 km away from Hanoi. The border crossing is at Thanh Thuy, 25 km from the capital, Ha Giang town. It is one of the most difficult provinces of Vietnam as it has mountainous topography with the least potential for agricultural development. The province borders China with a length of over 275 kilometers (170 mi); the border gate is known as the Thanh Thuy. In addition, there are three smaller gates namely, the Pho Bang, the Xin Man and Sam Pun.
The Vietnam motorbike tour to Ha Giang and Northern Loop is considered the last frontier for adventurous tours in Vietnam.
Motorbike Route: Ha Giang, Tam Son (Quan Ba), Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Bao Lac, Khau Vai.
Distance: 320km
Riding Terrain & Landscape: limestone karsts, valleys, rivers, borderlands, minority villages
Road Conditions: paved rural back-roads, paved mountain roads, amazing Ma Pi Leng mountain pass.
Ha Giang – Motorbike Tours North Vietnam
Ha Giang and northeast Vietnam is always the best choice for bikers, it takes about 3 to 4 days to ride around Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac… They are the most scenic motorbike routes in Vietnam that can not be missed. Before riding to these places you need to get the local permission, can ask the hotels in Ha Giang to arrange it for you, it costs 10 USD/ head. Kindly check out the featured motorbike tours around Ha Giang.
Wondering the best route to ride around Ha Giang? the route from Dong Van to Meo Vac is a 22km ride along the Ma Pi Leng Pass, a staggering road clinging to the edge of a wall of limestone mountains, towering hundreds of feet above the craterous Nho Que River valley. If any mountain road pass in Vietnam deserves the title EPIC ADVENTURE it’s this one. Because the views are so incredible, so we make lots of stops for pictures. It is the highlight of motorbike tour north Vietnam.

Ride at a glance

Day 01: Hanoi – Vu Linh
Day 02: Vu Linh – Ha Giang
Day 03: Ha Giang – Dong Van or Meo Vac
Day 04: Dong Van or Meo Vac – Bao Lac
Day 05: Bao Lac – Ba Be
Day 06: Ba Be – Hanoi

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Our trip cost usually includes the following services. Please bear in mind JET Travel is specialized in tailor-made trips. Trip cost vary depending on group size and other details.

Quality Japanese Honda Motorcycles with spare things ( Honda XR 150cc or Honda CRF250L ) CRF250L cost extra;
Tour guide/Translator/Mechanic (He’s three in one!);
Standard hotel (double, twins or triple shared room) and/or homestay (sleeping bags, mosquito nets, sheets, pillows etc. are provided);
Third party motorbike insurance;
All food (Vietnamese food, Western food costs extra);
All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, bamboo rafts, etc;
Helmets/Gloves and Bright reflecting Jackets
Hotel pick up

Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Personal expenses, personal medical insurance;
Single room supplement if you request a single room;
Motorbiking protective pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, rain gear and other safety equipment at favourable rental rate;
Bike shipping and tour guide’s travel back to Hanoi (for Ho Chi Minh trail/road trips or tours that don’t end in Hanoi);
Train or flight tickets before and after your tour;
Breakfast on the departure day and dinner on the return day;
Accommodation and food in Hanoi;

+ Single stay will cost 20 USD extra/ day
+ We provide support vehicle and driver with extra price of 150 USD/day/ truck upon request!
+ Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours will cost more. Please CONTACT US for more details.
+ If tours are not depart/ end in Hanoi then surcharge for bike shipping to/ back: 120 USD/ bike.

  1. 6 Days Motorbike Ha Giang

    Day 1: Hanoi Motorbike – Vu Linh (~180 km, ~7 h)

    We meet at 9am at our company office in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. After a short briefing session we exit Hanoi from the West end on a straight road along the Red river (Song Hong). Easy drive to on the sealed road to Thac Ba Lake and follow the little road to Vu Linh. Vu Linh is a Dzao village by the side of the lake, very friendly people and the welcome is exceptional.

    Day 2: Vu Linh Motorbike – Ha Giang (~180 km, ~6 h)

    After breakfast, ride along the Thac Ba lake on a small road lined by palm trees and scenic mountain views to join the main road heading up to Ha Giang where we stop for the night and apply for a permit.

    Day 3: Ha Giang Motorbike – Dong Van (~180 km, ~6 h)

    After getting the permit to ride in border areas at Ha Giang’s Immigration Police, we ride on small challenging mountain roads (but incredibly beautiful) on the land of colorful mountain hill-tribes.

    Head up the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Here is yet another amazing place, with cloudy mountain ranges and the poetic Nho Que river winding off in the distance. Ride on a zig-zag track until Dong Van, a remote area and meet the hard-working local people here. It is inspiring to see how they survive as they manage live in the rocks. When we reach town we will have some extra time to wonder the ancient streets lined with H’mong homes of clay bricks and tiles roofs built centuries ago.

    Another option is to stay in Meo Vac in a home stay or a hotel. From our experience, Dong Van is a nicer place than Meo Vac to overnight.

    Day 4: Dong Van Motorbike – Bao Lac (~80 km, ~4 h)

    The road is still under construction and tracks what make the ride relatively long in spite of few kilometres. The landscape is among the most beautiful of Vietnam, and the slow tempo is only more appreciable.

    We cross the wild regions of the mythical province of Ha Giang. Stop for the night at Bao Lac, the ethnic crossroad of Northeast Vietnam. Many other ethnic groups on the two sides of the border meet at the market every Sunday.

    Day 5: Bao Lac Motorbike – Ba Be (~150 km, ~5 h)

    Beautiful ride down to Ba Be. We descend from the high mountain range down to the world’s largest lake on karst stone – Ba Be lake. If time allows, take a boat cruise on this picturesque lake in about 2 hours. Overnighting with a Tay family for the night.

    Day 6: Ba Be Motorbike – Hanoi. (~240 km, ~7 h)

    Quite a long drive but easy (early departure is better) from Ba Be to Hanoi. The most busy part of the road is from Thai  Nguyen back to Hanoi but we believe after 5 days riding on different terrains in North Vietnam you will be alright. Arrive in Hanoi before rush hour – 5 pm.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2 (6)
Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2 (5)
Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ha Giang Motorbike Tours 2 (4)
Our Accommodations

Our Accommodations:

When Motorcycle we stay in friendly hotel, guesthouse or homestays. Some are more basic than others! Bear in mind that some of the places we overnight in are not on the standard tourist trail.In larger cities and towns, our hotels are generally more western style and are three or four hotels or resort. Please do not expect the same standard as you would your home.

Our Homestays:

Homestay in the villages is simple interm of bedding condition and ementies. We will sleep on beds or floor with mattress, clean sheet, pillow and mosquito nets. Toilet is usually western style.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Hotel Accommodations


General rules for motorbike riding in Vietnam & Other country

It is claimed that riding motorbike in Vietnam & other country is not easy, especially for the inexperienced ones. However, it would be much easier for motorcyclists if they follow the rules and traffic laws of Vietnam & other country rigidly. To ensure that you have a safe motorcycle trip and lifetime experience in Vietnam, there are some regulations that you need to bear in mind:

  • Helmet is a compulsory equipment for motorbike riding
  • You should use the high-quality helmet which was certified by traffic safety management bureaus or helmets following international standards. If you use the cheap helmet, it could be dangerous in case of injuries and accidents.
  • In Vietnam, we follow the right hand side rule of traffic
  • Be confident and decisive when riding. Don’t freak out or be nervous.
  • Ride carefully and control the speed in different circumstances.
  • In Vietnam & other country, it is acceptable in using horn. Therefore, using it smartly because it could help you avoid undesirable cases. In some routes, there might be blind corners or crossroads, so it would be useful to utilize horn.
  • Give ways to bigger vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses or cart-transporting vehicles. It can ensure your safety and one thing for sure, they would take up for big parts of road surface.
  • Ride slowly when making a turn. It is important for you to push the light signals and sound so the left-behind vehicles are aware of your turn. However, you are advised to use your hand gesture and body language also because it would be more noticeable (waving hand when you want to turn left or right)
  • Show your respect and friendliness to people on the roads. Avoid conflicts with others because you don’t know who you are facing with.
  • Be friendly and chummy to other vehicle controllers when they greet you.
  • Be polite with the police. Don’t show out your abnormal or strange and suspicious behaviors on the road and the police will get no attention on you.
  • Drinking and riding should not be gone along.
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